As a Registered Professional Valuer, Attie Ebersöhn offers an expert, reliable and comprehensive property valuation service. Based in Murrayfield in Pretoria, he conducts valuations country wide, but for mere practical reasons, mostly in and around Gauteng.

This service is rendered with the help of fellow Registered Professional Property Valuers on an Ad Hoc basis, as might be necessary. Unlike the majority of consumer goods that are generally rapidly consumed, the benefits of real estate investments are normally realised over a relatively long period of time. It is advisable to base your property decisions on a professional valuation of your property, being a true reflection of the correct and realistic present worth or future benefit value, whichever is applicable.


Property Valuation is a registered professional occupation, to be compared with law, accounting and engineering. A valuer is a professional individual who has been educated and trained in the science of determining the market value of property. An independent valuer is able to provide you with impartial and motivated reports on the market value of real or limited rights to land.


Market value is defined as the estimated amount for which a property should exchange on the date of the valuation between a willing seller and a willing buyer in an arm’s length transaction after proper marketing wherein the parties each acted knowledgeably, prudently and without compulsion.


Professional Property Valuers render a service to both the public and private sectors. They also fulfil an advisory and reporting function regarding various property related issues including rentals, sales, expropriations, rating valuations, developments and mortgage, to name only a few.

Professional Valuers in South Africa are regulated by legislation in terms of the Property Valuers Profession Act, Act 47 of 2000. In terms of this Act, it is an offence for any unregistered person to provide professional valuation services, and implicitly act under the false pretence of being a registered Valuer.

While consumers are accustomed to estate agents performing property valuations, particularly of residential property, it must be noted that estate agents are not professionally qualified and registered to act as valuers and therefore cannot be held liable. Estate agents are marketers and negotiators – not valuers. A court of law would normaly be inclined to attach a higher level of reliability on a valuation performed by a Registered Professional Valuer.

The fee paid for a professional valuation of your property is mostly money well spent. The risk of a property decision based on the wrong value assumption can easily cause damages much higher than what the cost of a professional valuation would have been. Valuations are essential to those professionals, institutions and property practitioners that are required to make informed decisions regarding fixed assets. Obtaining the services of a qualified and knowledgeable Professional Valuer in assisting you with property related decisions normally tend to be to your benefit.

We provide a wide variety of property valuation services aimed at determining value for:
Purchase Transactions
Mortgage Finance
Portfolio Management
Divorce Settlements


All properties are thoroughly inspected, after which a well-researched, comprehensive and fully motivated valuation report is compiled. The valuation report takes into account all relevant uniquevalue determining attributes and characteristics of the subject property.

As standard practice and in order to guarantee accuracy as well as reliable market value determination, we conduct detailed market research and perform a thorough property analysis.We also keep in step with current property market trends, as well as all facets of macro- and microeconomics. Therefore you can be assured that our estimation of market value is based on sound,relevant and factual market insights and research.

We off er our clients an efficient and professional valuation service, which is consistent with established ethical norms. Our conduct will always be objective, independent and impartial while performing property valuations.

All client information is treated as confi dential and in line with our professional code of conduct. All valuations are performed in accordance with the valuation standards as set by the South African Institute of Valuers.


Our fees are based on the guideline fees published in the Government Gazette by the SouthAfrican Council for the Property Valuers Profession. There are many factors that play a role incalculating the cost of a valuation such as the type of property, the purpose of the valuation andcosts involved. The easiest way to obtain an obligation free quote is to contact us via phone, e-mailor complete our contact form on this page and we will gladly assist.

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